Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Snowmobiling at Harriniva

It was a beautiful sunny day, with clear ice-blue skies. A perfect day to go snowmobiling across snow covered frozen lakes, and wintery forests. This was my first visit to Finnish Lapland, and I couldn't believe how calm and unspoiled the surroundings were. Snowmobiling was a brilliant way to get to see the scenery. I decided to swap half way to ride as a passenger. Personally I enjoyed this better, as I was able to sit back and take everything in (still holding on tight!).
Snowmobiling at sunset (Antti Pietikainen)
Our guide was fantastic, and would occasionally stop to point out some of the wildlife tracks en-route. However, my favourite part has to be when we stopped off at Santa's cabin. Unfortunately he wasn't home, it was April and Santa was apparently sunning himself in the Bahamas!
Snowmobile adventure (Antti Pietikainen)
I had never driven a snowmobile, or been a passenger on one before. But I have to say, it was a truly amazing experience, and one I will never forget.
Taking a break (Antti Pietikainen)

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