Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Favourite Destination

After joining The White Circle I went out to Luosto to assist our clients as the company’s representative accompanying a flight we had chartered over February half term.  I stayed in the small village of Luosto at the Tunturi Hotel and to this day it was one of the best weeks of my life.  A real highlight of my job is to visit as many of the destinations as possible and spend one or two days cramming as much as possible into my time. However, it was at Luosto that I really began to appreciate the slower pace of life, the friendly local people and the immense joy in the simplest of activities you may never even have considered.

I believe that there really is something for everyone at Luosto from enjoying the swimming pool, sauna and spa facilities at the Tunturi Hotel to curling up of a roaring log fire in a private log cabin to standing on the frozen lake behind the hotel, camera at the ready waiting for the spectacular Aurora Borealis.  

There are a number of downhill ski slopes in the village which are perfect for beginners or those (like me!) who are just a bit rusty and want to get some practice in.  It is at night that the ski slopes really come into their own… one of the things we advise clients who are keen on seeing the Northern Lights is to be outside and as active as possible (to keep warm).  I defy anyone to spend a few hours running up and sledging down the floodlit slopes to tell me they are cold! It is so much fun and really takes everyone back to their childhood. 

There’s the added advantage to night time sledging in that if the Northern Lights do appear you are far more likely to see them than those sitting in the hotel restaurant hoping to catch a glimpse out of the window. Nevertheless, my advice is to get away from the slopes if the lights do appear. The lake behind the hotel (approx. 400 metres from the ski slopes) is a much darker place and will enhance the view considerably.

The activities at Luosto are varied in duration and type and there really is something for everyone. If you just want to sample an activity they normally last from an hour (perfect for young kids or anybody who just wants a taster)  and go up to five or six hour snowmobile safaris  (a whole day in some cases).  A snowmobile trip to the only working Amethyst mine in Europe was one of my highlights and I still have the gem I dug up there sitting proudly on my desk in the office. 

So, it is with great confidence that I can say Luosto is my favourite destination*

*the above statement may be slightly biased as Amy witnessed her ultimate Aurora display during her first night at Luosto which coincidentally interrupted a fantastic sledging race.

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