Monday, 18 November 2013

Snowmobiling in Finnish Lapland

Snowmobiling at Harriniva has to be my favourite experience so far. Exploring beautiful winter landscapes whilst speeding over frozen lakes, slowly maneuvering around trees and along snowy forest trails is pretty exhilarating. It’s not as easy as I first imagined it would be, it takes a lot of control and concentration, but it’s so much fun!!

On some of the longer safaris you snowmobile to the fells surrounding Harriniva which provide a wonderful vantage point from which to admire the scenery. I travelled to Harriniva at the very beginning of April and although the temperatures were getting relatively mild (in comparison to the extremes earlier in the year) and the trees weren't heavy with snow, the setting was still very much a winter wilderness and one to be admired! 

Retreating to the sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi afterwards was certainly an added bonus!

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